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Number 101

Friday night was a farewell for a fellow colleague at Plan B in Kings Cross. Feeling quite tired, I left around 9 to head home. I got all the way back to work and realised in my desire to travel light, I’d left my entry card in my purse. At my desk. In the office. One of those times a phone comes in handy. A co-worker who was still at Plan B agreed to come and let me in. It’s a good 10 minute walk, so while I was waiting, I stood out front of the office, leaning on the railing. Enter old Latino guy.

Him: Waiting for me?

Me: Uh. Not really.

Him: I make love to one hundred women today! You be number one hundred and one?

Me: Hm. I don’t think so.

Him: Oh? OK then. Have a good night.

4 Responses to “Number 101”

  1. Mom
    August 1st, 2009 13:41

    ouch! So did you have to go all the way back or did you call someone and give them an SOS??? So much for leaving early….

  2. Bec
    August 1st, 2009 13:41

    Only in the X.

  3. Aunt Robin
    August 1st, 2009 13:42

    Sarah, you and Tracy need to get together! Friday night she came over to decorate the wedding cake and when she went to leave realized she’d locked her car with the KEYS INSIDE!! 90 minutes later, CAA arrived to open her car. When she got home, she went to open her front door and, guess what — NO KEYS! Where were they? LOCKED INSIDE HER CAR!!! She’s a definite BLONDE! She had to call friend Michelle to come over with her key to Tracy’s to let her inside to get her spare keys for ther car … what a girl … good thing she’s cute! Now then, does this story make you feel better? Probably not but hopefully it brought a smile to your face!

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