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Feather and Bone

Last September we went in halves with Sue and J in the purchase of half a Prime Angus Steer. (Which we are still enjoying.) Since then, ordering another half has proven difficult, as has locating equally well raised pork and lamb of any quantity.

Enter Feather and Bone. All of their meat is organic and/or free-range and of very good quality. They send a newsletter on the Monday. You order by the Wednesday evening. And it’s delivered to your door on Friday or Saturday. They also supply a number of the nicer restaurants in Sydney, including Red Lantern, where we just went for my birthday dinner.

With our first order from Feather and Bone, we have had the salami both as is and on pizza; used half the lamb shoulder in a Guiness stew; and more recently the pork mince in cabbage rolls. And as a bit of a bonus, we got this cute little guy. He won’t be featuring in any dinner any time soon.

Feather and Bone

4 Responses to “Feather and Bone”

  1. jess
    June 23rd, 2009 20:58

    are you sure that photo should be filed under food? doesn’t look very appetizing ;)

  2. Sarah
    June 23rd, 2009 21:54

    Photo updated! Sorry – copy and paste error.

  3. Mom
    June 25th, 2009 22:30

    And he too got past Kip???? Chee Kip, wake up and get outta the closet!! chuckle. Cute pig. I like him a lot.

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