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Green thumb

In our marriage, Duncan is the one who maintains the garden. He allows me to have my patch in the front yard – but the only edibles in it are the hard-to-kill rosemary tree and grows-like-a-weed mint. In all else, Duncan reigns supreme.

We have a square foot garden at the front (which is probably more accurately a 3-metre square garden), planters down the side of the house, and a garden at the back. We have (sorry, Duncan has) planted everything from tomatoes to beet root to radishes. We have been very lucky with the only thing the possums have gone after being the cabbage.

The stars of the culinary garden have always been tomatoes and basil (too bad we couldn’t also grow bocconcini – we’d have ready-made caprese!), and of course Duncan-being-Duncan, chilies. As evidenced by this harvest one weekend. And what do you do when you have too many chilies? Dry them slowly in a low oven, and when all moisture has been removed, grind them in an old coffee grinder. Homemade chili powder!

Garden fresh chilies

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