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And then there were 55

We’ve been very remiss having people round to our house. There was always some reason that we couldn’t have a get-together: renovations, work, holidays. Finally we decided to bite the bullet and combine all the owed invites with Hamish’s 2nd birthday. Though we’ve made great inroads to improving the child friendliness of our house, with that many kids, we had to hold it at another venue – Clareville Beach seemed perfect.

We invited some people, and then invited some more people, and then some more still. Even my mom and dad were going to be able to be here. Only a few were unable to come. All of a sudden we had over 50 people coming. Good thing we were having it at the beach!

There was a lot of pressure around the cake. It was probably all self-induced, but I was still very glad when Jess said she’d make some cupcakes. Thanks Jess!

I managed a train cake with zoo animal passengers. Train cake for kiddies, and cupcakes for adults. Perfect!

Choo chop train cake

After a month of rain and a month of forecasted rain, we lucked out with a beautiful day. We sent my parents down to the beach early with a bottle of wine to hold a table or two for us. They did admirably.

The party went well – the kids played, the adults watched, we all ate and had a good time. Hamish had such a good time, that two weeks after the party, he is still talking about it. “It’s my birthday?” “I had cake. I eat cake. I like cake!” “I go to the party next day.”

Thanks all for helping make his day memorable – he was a very spoiled little boy. And Thanks to John for some wonderful photos like the one below. More on Flickr.


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  1. Robin Ramer
    March 27th, 2012 15:09

    Thanks, Sarah, for this post and pics! Not as good as being there but helps fill in the gaps!
    Love to all!

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