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Baa baas

Today was Hamish’s 2nd birthday. We awoke to rain, rain and more rain. The water was pouring down the streets. But we’d promised to take Hamish to the zoo – his first visit. We batted around the idea of going to the aquarium but none of us was as enthused with that idea. So when there appeared to be a break in the deluge, we rushed out.

Almost looks like he's writing it doesn't it?

Of course by the time we got to the zoo, the rain had started once more. Turns out this is the best time to come to the zoo. We had it to ourselves!

The first stop was the koalas. Hamish hadn’t seen these ‘bears’ before and had a great time imitating how they ate. Next was the crocodiles (“snap! snap!”) and the reptile enclosure. I think we must have spent a good 15 minutes watch the turtles. (“Turtle swimming! Turtle not swimming!”) But then it was all about the elephants. (“See elephants? See elephants?”) I vainly tried to get him to look at the other animals on his way down, but without much luck. The chimps weren’t all that active anyway because of the weather. And he didn’t really warm to the giraffes though he did concede they were as tall as his teacher.

The elephants are well placed however, directly across from seating where we wee able to have lunch and ‘weather’ the worst of the rain. (See what I did there?)

By then the seal show was about to start. Hamish was very impressed with the seals and the fact that “the man spoke and the seals waved bye bye. Splash!” Never mind it was a woman. Gender is perhaps not his strongest suit.

Off to the kids’ zoo we went. Hamish loved running around chasing the turkeys and watch the chickens. “I like chicken!” Uncle J would be proud. Hamish and I went into the sheep enclosure where I tried to get him to pet a sheep. He was just reaching out when he decided better of it. The sheep baa’ed loudly in protest and Hamish jumped a mile. “I no like baa baas!” was repeated a number of times over the rest of the day (update: and continues to be repeated).

Chickens are cool

He mistook the goats for doggies and seemed to like the pigs, but was not impressed with the dark enclosure belonging to the wombat. We exited the kids’ zoo and wandered around as much of the rest of the zoo that we think we could manage before Hamish cracked it (or nana or papa got too tired…)

Apparently these are doggies

All day Hamish had been seeing the sky ride and excitedly pointed saying, “plane! Plane!” So at the end of the day we headed to the top planning on taking a round trip ride. Wrong. He wouldn’t even go near it saying, “I no like plane! It’s scary!”. This too became a mantra to be repeated.

As there was no sky ride, we finished off with a trip through the gift shop. Might need to make this a birthday tradition.

More pictures on Flickr.

Giving daddy a cuddle

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  1. Mom
    March 23rd, 2012 01:18

    Lovely write up Sarah! Great pics too. I’ll have to double check as I’m not sure I have them. Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs.

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