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Our arrival in Barcelona

Ever since I went backpacking and visited Barcelona in ’98, staying 8 days rather than my planned 2, I wanted to share it with Duncan and my Dad. Duncan for the tapas and general vibe; my Dad for the architecture. Duncan and I were able to visit in 2002. I was very happy when this trip came together and we made it to Barcelona to introduce Dad to Gaudí.

We left Javea as early in the day as we could, prepared for five hours of trying to settle and entertain a toddler. I won’t brag but Hamish was brilliant. In both directions. Ok, enough of the patting myself on the back. The trip there was uneventful with the exception of having a couple issues paying the tolls. (We picked the wrong lane once or twice, meaning the reader didn’t read our card. A hasty reverse and into the correct lane solved that.) We were treated to lovely countryside and glimpses of far away churches, castles, walls and other monuments. The only better way to get to Barcelona, would have been to take the train.

We made it to our hotel in good time. It was a perfectly lovely hotel – its only downfall being the incredibly steep and tightly wound ramp down to parking. Duncan drove down but made Dad drive back up at the end of our stay. I didn’t see it myself but apparently we were exceedingly lucky to not have damaged the hire car!

After a day in the car, we all wanted a good walk to stretch the legs. I took the role of navigator and set us off to Plaça de Catalunya, a good 10 blocks from our hotel on Casa de Sicilia. Hamish was pretty excited to be out and about.

Plaza Catalunya

From there, it was straight down La Rambla – one of my favourite streets in the world. We found the market that was of such interest to us in previous visits, but it was very difficult to navigate with a buggy and post-work crowd. We exited shortly after entering and found this greeting us:

Free drink and Wifi at the erotic museum!

We weren’t swayed and instead continued our trek down La Rambla, enjoying the atmosphere.

I think the most difficult thing was finding somewhere to eat. We were victims of the “I’m sure there’s an even better place just down the street”. I think I was guilty of pushing everyone to find the ‘perfect’ place to eat. In the end, we settled for a perfectly reasonable cafe – but it probably didn’t quite meet the expectations everyone had set.

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  1. Mom
    January 29th, 2012 08:05

    This is an awesome account Sass! I have a lot to say about Spain and Barcelona but I never can remember the “names”. Good to hear them and see them in print.

  2. Kevin
    October 6th, 2012 23:48

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    September 1st, 2015 06:40

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