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The limit of my memory

We arrived back from Spain the second week of September. It is now 5 sleeps until Christmas, or so my “sleeps til Christmas” calendar tells me. And so far, I have only taken you through about a third of our trip. With all of the stress, good times and bad times, and just the passing of time in the last 4 months, I no longer have a good grasp on the tidbits and tales of our trip that you may enjoy. Events have now become memories to be jogged by current events, but difficult to write down in a coherent fashion.

So. In an effort to not sound like a travel documentary, I’ll post the highlights, attempting to group them in a way that may be even slightly entertaining (or at least somewhat enjoyable) for you.

I’ll start off with tapas. Because I’m hungry.

On our previous trips to Spain, we have been on a quest to find the holy grail of tapas. The types of dishes you see on the food television shows that make you salivate and want to book plane tickets then and there. We’ve always enjoyed what we’ve eaten but it’s never (bar one or two dishes) been mind blowing. Nor has it been cheap. You don’t expect tapas to be cheap outside of Spain – but you do in Spain. And yes, we did try and avoid the tourist-y places.

Jim took us to a fantastic spot, right in Javea. We enjoyed a number of dishes – most of which I didn’t photograph – but the three I did were the requisite patatas bravas, sepia (cuttlefish), and calamari. Though the patatas bravas was perhaps more like chips with sauce and mayo, everything was very tasty. Even Hamish agrees!

Tapas, yum!

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  1. Mom
    January 29th, 2012 08:38

    Well you are doing way better than me. My blog has day one only and although I’ve written down a fair bit (without actual names of places and things that I had already forgotten. Thank you for the names by the by) I too can’t remember the time frame. I therefore am really enjoying your blog. Always did but more so now as I was part of the Spain experience. Lovely

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