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Wherein the chicken dance makes an appearance

Jim, my father-in-law, is a volunteer fireman with the Bomberos. They are a very social group made up of Spanish, Brits and Germans mostly. My parents’ first Saturday in Spain coincided with the 30th Anniversary dinner for the Bomberos. Jim had organised usall tickets, and with Hamish left with a babysitter, we headed to Casa Pepe’s once more for dinner and dancing.

The dinner was fantastic, the wine flowing and the music very entertaining. After dinner was finished and the speeches over, my Dad took me up to dance. It was a waltz but, neither of us really knowing how to waltz, we danced the chicken dance. I swear the melody was identical. Jeanne, my mother-in-law, was aghast that we’d do something so crass. Well we probably further embarrassed her by loudly requesting that the band play the actual chicken dance. They catered to our whims and Dad and I had a great time dancing. Dad tried to get them to play it a second time, but I guess they thought once was enough.

(Before writing this post, I’d just been listening to “The Duck Song” – one of Hamish’s favourites, and I couldn’t remember what the dance was called. With a bit of googling, I came across this video, which made me giggle – my Dad and I were much better and cooler I’m sure!)

(Sorry Jeanne – I must have took the one with you in it with Mom’s camera!

Duncan and I

Mom and Dad

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