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Drinks on the front

As it was Mom and Dad’s first day in Spain, after we said good bye to the Stephens, we took them down to the beach front. There are a number of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops along the front. Most are quite touristy, but they all have a wonderful view of the beach.

There’s one place called Scallops that Jim took Duncan and I to when we visited Spain over 7 years ago on our way to moving to Australia. We’d just been in England and we were both suffering from colds – a side effect of spending a week with 3 young boys. Jim took us to Scallops for a coffee and brandy one morning. The brandy was ostensibly to help our colds – it was about four times larger than the coffee, and both were obtained for a euro. The restaurant is renowned for giving every diner – every diner a bottle of wine. And now it seems they also give them free vouchers for breakfast the following morning.

Anyway – back to drinks on the front. Mom and I ordered cocktails which came with a slice of lime. Hamish apparently likes slices of lime. It’s true what they say about kids taste buds not being fully developed. It could have been an orange!

Hamish also met his first girlfriend. Her name was Lois and she was a few months younger than him. Hamish kept going in for a kiss and cuddle and she’d run away. And then Hamish would wave, but wave up like he was waving to someone really tall. We couldn’t figure out what he was doing. This went on for a good amount of time – Hamish chased Lois, she’d run away; Lois would chase Hamish and he’d run away; Hamish would wave up inexplicably; repeat. Eventually Lois and Hamish gave each other a kiss and there was some clapping from the roof of the bar. Their antics had drawn a crowd and Hamish had been waving to his ‘audience’!

Eating limes at the beach front

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