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Jim bought Susan and I vouchers to the local fish spa. I’d never even considered a fish spa before. On arrival for our appointment, you clean your feet, and then it’s straight to the tanks where you sit on the edge and dangle your feet over the side. Within seconds, your feet are covered with tens of tiny guppy-like fish, nibbling at your dead skin. It tickles but you rather quickly become desensitised and then it’s just pleasant. Unless of course you’re my mom. (I took her towards the end of our holiday.) She wasn’t quite as enthralled as i was. She kept thinking they were leeches and wouldn’t even look down into the tank! Unfortunately, or fortunately?, I have no pictures to share.

The day before, we’d all spent the day at Aqualandia in Benidorm. Benidorm is one of those places you go to with a purpose; I would never stay in Benidorm. Aqualandia is reason enough for the day trip. It’s a park of water slides. Fantastic water slides. We had a great time trying them all out. Though the boys did far more than Duncan and I combined – I think they were nudging 30 slides by the end of the day, which is quite the accomplishment. I did manage to do the tallest slide of the park – you climb about 10 storeys and then it’s straight down.

Susan, Simon, Angus, Duncan and George’s holiday finished our second Friday – also my parents’ first full day in Spain. To celebrate the comings and goings, we met up with 2 sets of Susan and Simon’s friends at Casa Pepe’s for a paella lunch.

There were 21 of us, and the paella was some of the best we had in Spain. After lunch, the kids went for a swim in the restaurant pool. Yes the restaurant has quite a decent large pool in the middle if it’s outdoor seating area. Not a bad idea in such a warm climate as Javea’s.

We had a great time with the Stephens and were sad that it wasn’t longer.

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  1. Mom
    October 6th, 2011 08:16

    I’d forgotten about the restaurant pool. It was a great idea. And I’ve told many about the fish spa to mixed reviews for sure. I would do it again – with you and with lots of wine- and maybe next time actually look down…or not…chuckle

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