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The European family

Our destination for this holiday was Duncan’s parents’ villa in Javea. It’s a lovely home, with a pool – across the road from a German bakery and a German-Spanish pub, El Farro. The house is all on one level, but to get to the pool and paved area, there are two, rather large (from the point of view of an 18-month old) steps from the naya. Also the pool is not enclosed. The first night we got there, it was an exercise in chasing after Hamish to ensure he didn’t go forwards down the steps or jump into the pool.

We quickly learned however, that he had 3 built-in babysitters – his cousins, Angus, Duncan and George. All 3 boys seemed quite happy to follow Hamish around. And we were happy to let them. Though Hamish seemed comfortable with his cousins from the start, his favourite was Uncle Simon. Hamish went to Simon quite happily, allowing Simon to carry him around and show him things. This was quite a surprise to everyone as not even Simon’s boys went to him easily when they were babies!

The boys were quite excited to teach Hamish how to play football. (Soccer to any of my Canadian relatives reading.) We tried telling them that Hamish was only just mastering the art of walking, and that catching and kicking may be a bit of a stretch for him. They had fun trying though! And I’d like them to know that on our last day, though they weren’t there to see it, Hamish kicked his first ball.

Hamish with his cousins

2 Responses to “The European family”

  1. jess @ fushmush
    September 18th, 2011 14:52

    Evie always has smiles for her Uncle Simon and Uncle Ben. I think it’s because they sound so much like and look a little bit like Andrew. I call Simon and Ben the Daddy Clones.

    Your holiday sounds idyllic. Bet it was hard to leave.

  2. Sarah
    September 18th, 2011 16:42

    Simon sounds nothing like Duncan! Maybe Hamish was attracted to his tall-ness? Gave him a sense of security? Anyway, it’s interesting who the babies choose to turn their affection to.

    It was idyllic. And it was hard to leave. But I think we were all ready to go back to routine again.

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