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New Year’s Resolutions

Well before it gets too late in the year, I guess I should formalise my New Year’s resolutions:

* Post more often – especially photos (I have some lovely ones of my nephews)
* Get my finances in order – you know – a % to savings, a % more to super, charities etc.
* Try more new food – at least one new recipe a week and one new restaurant a month
* Cater to my creative side (see number 1 above)
* Continue with my running
* Try and use my weights at least twice a week in addition to other fitness pursuits
* Build a mailbox and a bench

I think that’s good for now. (Good will towards others and contributing to peace on earth are implied in the above list.)

One Response to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Mom
    January 25th, 2009 04:13

    Another resolution – connect on Skype with your mother!!!

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