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Pre-Hamish, though Duncan and I didn’t struggle to fill our weekends, looking back on it, they were certainly an exercise in leisure. We didn’t worry about housework – having a party every so often ensured the house got cleaned. Dinners out were a common occurrence and long Sunday afternoons at the pub were not unusual. Now the weekends seem to be a sequence of bending down, picking up, tidying and, now that Hamish is mobile, chasing after him to make sure he’s not putting something up his nose or something else down the toilet. I need to go back to work for a break!

Kip has been very patient with this intrusion on the routine she has come to know and expect. She does get out of sorts sometimes, trying to butt in on play time, adding her barking to Hamish’s squeals. In order to keep jealousy to a minimum, we have tried to keep her beds – of which she has one on each of the three levels of the house, in addition to our bed – hers. Hamish hasn’t quite grasped this idea.

Lately he has taken to testing his boundaries by diving on to her beds, looking up to make sure we saw him do it, and then grinning. No amount of chastising and time outs seem to help. He just does not equate his behaviour with being naughty. According to my mom, he takes after his mother. In an effort to help him understand, we’ve been slapping his hand and saying “Bad”. Unfortunately it’s had a rather unexpected consequence. He then hits his own hand and utters “Bad. Bad”. Sunday, I put him down for a nap as he was being a bit difficult. I was patting his back, and he kept popping his head up, hitting his hand, uttering “Bad. Bad.” and then popping his head back down again.

At least he’s just trespassing on Kip’s property. I guess I should be happy he’s not stealing sips from our liquor bottles.

(Don’t worry. Our liquor bottles are not within his reach.)

Mischievous Hamish

3 Responses to “Bad”

  1. Mom
    July 20th, 2011 02:44

    hehehehe LOL , couldn’t happen to a nicer couple….LOL… BAD Nana, BAD Nana…heheheheh I love it…can you tell?

  2. Farmer Henry
    July 20th, 2011 13:00

    Hamish needs a little brother….. :)

  3. Duncan Campbell
    July 20th, 2011 13:32

    Farmer Henry: enough of that talk!

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