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Today Duncan gave me an early Christmas present: a visit to the hair salon for my first hair cut and style in a year. I had planned on going short. Quite short. But the hairdresser talked me out of it, saying that shoulder-length suited me and is easier to care for. She also said it would be easier for me to blow dry. Without thinking, I said, “oh, I don’t have a hair dryer.”

You know that scene in the wild west where the tumbleweeds blow around? Yeah. That’s kind of like what the silence was like.

She responded with, “But… What do you do when you go out at night?”

I just admitted I didn’t own a hair dryer. I wasn’t about to admit that I didn’t go out at night. She may have thrown me out of the salon.

“I let it dry naturally and then, you know, add product.”

“Oh right. Well that’s ok then.”

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  1. Sue
    December 21st, 2010 15:30

    Product?! hahhahah

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