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My obsession with food started at an early age

Posting from my diary (all grammatical/spelling errors left in). Sarah, age 11:

Dear Diary,
Today was pretty straight forward exapt for tonight at 5:00 sharp I’m going to a Mother Daughter Banquet. But my dad was 15 min. late bringing the car home. When we arrived there we sat at a table with Denise, Kim and there moms. For supper I had roast beef, patatoe, gravy and peas and carrots. And to drink I had orange pop. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake and cake. After dinner Candace announced the badges I got the campskills badge and the Wildflower, I also received a badge with the Wild Rose on it for attendance to wear on my camp hat. A while ago we had to make crests for are district. I won out of my group it won’t be my design though. But for a present I got a “Guides Canada pen and a guide autograph Book.
Over and out,
P.S. we also had salad and bread!

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