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Before Hamish (henceforth known as BH), I swore I’d never turn my blog into a place where I recounted his every move from first smile to poop stories that are humourous only to his parents. Well after 8 weeks I have come to the realisation that I need some sort of creative outlet or I will go mad. And as I am doing little else but looking after Hamish, you will have to put up with more than expected posts about him.

Yesterday was the first day that we were alone – Duncan was working in the city. The day didn’t start wonderfully, with Hamish waking at 4:30. And when I went and picked him up, he puked down my cleavage. Most of the day was spent trying to get him to sleep and stop crying. Though we had a few successes – taking the dog for a walk, getting the laundry of the line (small things…) – the day was trying enough to require a small glass of wine. And yes I am breastfeeding.

As trying as yesterday was though, all is forgiven today as he slept through the night to 5:15 and is currently sleeping soundly in my arms. (This was typed one-handed – something I’m becoming increasingly proficient at.)

Hamish at 7 weeks

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