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Nugget comes to visit

Nugget came over for a play date with Kip. She was pretty excited – raced through her walk in case Nugget was early. When he arrived, they spent the first hour or so running around the house – dining room, living room, hall, kitchen – an endless circle. Nugget did most of the running – Kip stayed mostly in one spot trying to cut him off. When Nuggs got wise to that, he tried hiding in spots Kip was just a little too big to get to – under the dining table, under the stool, under my bent legs.

The next hour was spent fighting. They would pounce on each other, and then when Nugget realised Kip had the upper hand with her size, he jumped on my lap for a better fighting height.

And then – it was over. Instead of fighting for dominance, they were fighting for a place in front of the heater and for more room on Kip’s bed.

Sleepy dogs

Wanting more of the heater


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